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Star Destroyer

By Fred Smith

I submitted my heavily modified, lit MPC Imperial Star Destroyer a while back, but that was before I had access to some of SM's awesome reference photos. I can see why ILM had to weather the filming model so much. As bright as the lights needed to be on the hull to prevent star field bleed through (back in the day of blue screen matting), without heavily weathering the model, most of the detail is lost. I used both acrylic and thin enamel washes to get the desired effect. I replaced all of the engine lighting with white LEDs. The rainbow effect on the 500+ hull fiber optics, as well as the LED lens flares were inadvertently created by the digital camera that I am using.

Image: Starboard side

Image: Underneath

Image: Looks almost shark-like

Image: Right/rear

Image: Top view

Image: Left/rear view

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