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TIE Fighters

By Evan Jones

These are a pair of Fine Molds TIE Fighters that I finished in March 2005 to go along with my X-Wing. Both were painted with Tamiya Light Gray through my airbrush as I like the shade and 'blueness' of this colour. It also gave only a slight (maybe too slight) difference for the gray used on the front viewport and top hatch. The solar panels are Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black straight from the can. This is shinier than thinning the bottle paint using an airbrush. The two different markings available in the kit were used to get distinctive models. A black enamel wash brought out the wonderful detail in these kits. I used the Graphic Encounters masks for masking the viewport and hatch - a must have for doing this kit.

Image: Another angle

Image: Solar panel detail

Image: Cockpit closeup

Image: The other profile

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