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Scratchbuilt Eagle Transporter

By Chas Bulmer

My scratchbuilt Eagle, which was seen partially built in a previous Gallery, is now done. The model is studio scale at 22" long and completely scratchbuilt. Decals are a mixture,some from a good friend and some from JBOT.

Rather than bore you with Eagle history (is there anyone left that doesn't know about the Eagle?) here's a brief description of how it was made.

My first decision was what size to build? I wanted a 'studio scale' model and decided on the 22" size. Next I pondered the question of building an interior but decided against it in this small scale (and the original 22" had no interior).

First part made was the 'beak' because I considered this part tough to make. If I couldn't produce this I was stuffed! MDF (a very fine particle board) was laminated and then carved to shape.Lots of auto body filler was used not to mention many days of my life! A mould was taken in rubber and the final piece produced in fibreglass. Raised panelling was added by heating and forming styrene sheet over the basic shape.The four dishes (what the hell are they?) were turned by myself from aluminium.

The corridors seen in the octagonal cages and also the leg pods were made from resin blocks.These were panelled with styrene sheet and kit parts where appropriate. The 'Lab pod' is basically perspex sheeting with the docking parts boxed up in balsa wood. The balsa then covered in styrene sheet and more kit parts as needed.

By far the worst job is constructing the tubular framework which makes the Eagle so distinctive. Brass tube and electrical solder were used along with much patience! Jigs were essential to hold everything in place whilst soldering and also to ensure everything would plug together on final assembly.

All of the engine bells were turned by myself using old-fashioned machining methods (ie. not CNC machined).

The model was finally painted using auto paints for the basic finish.I then bought an airbrush and spayed on various off-white panels and some weathering. A mate supplied the Alpha crests (cheers D) and the model was finished around the end of 2002 when it was displayed at the Clacton sci-fi convention.

This year I did a little more to the Eagle. I'd been unhappy with the attitude thrusters on the lab-pod so remade these. Also added a little more weathering and more decals from JBOT which are excellent. I'd had trouble getting tapes to stick round the tubes of the framework and in desperation tried the JBOT stripes.They worked brilliantly!

Regarding my earlier comments re. the interior (or should I say lack of one) I now wish I had built one. The models I've seen since look really good especially when lit.

I really should have built the 44" version too. It wouldn't have been a lot more work and the result would be awesome. Oh well,there's always next time.......

Image: Pod

Image: Engine detail

Image: Spine

Image: Side view, front ...

Image: and center

Image: Engine bells

Image: Thrusters

Image: Top/rear view

Image: Top view

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