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USS Enterprise-A

By Thorsten Scholz

This is the AMT Enterprise-A including lights and sound, although I heavily modified the model to get rid of all the mess found as I opened up the box. You know like: sanding off the wrong panelling, correction of the oversized docking ports, scribing in the missing landing foot, increasing thickness of the warp pylons etc. About 60 pictures of the studio model have been used as a reference on which I based all the modifications, no other sources where used (although I know where to find them).

Most of the paint job is closely based on those pictures too; sometimes it was hard to recognize what a certain section really looked like so I had to come up with something bearing the likeliness of what could bee seen. Aztec pattern was created by cutting each individual section out of masking foil pre-painted by using a self-made mask. It took about six days each to complete the top and bottom saucer. The model comes fully lighted including the famous spot lights at the dorsal and warp pylons as well as with positioning/navigational lights. I did not use light sheet, since the project was by far too advanced in building as I learned of it.

The decals have been replaced with Federationmodels decals, since the original decals are everything but accurate.

All in all it took about eight month to complete and Iím very happy with the way she turned out. In the case some one wants to know more about the build-up can contact me and Iíll send a complete build up report as MSWord document.

Image: Starboardside, aft

Image: Starboard, front

Image: IMpulse engines

Image: Starboard

Image: Saucer section, bottom

Image: Saucer, top

Image: Secondary hull, bottom

Image: Secondary hull, starboard side

Image: Secondary hull, top view

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