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Earth Alliance OMEGA "Brightwarrior" Heavy Destroyer

By Luciano M. Trentadue

This large warship, still the backbone of the EA fleet in the late 2270's, is the last development of the Omega destroyers first deployed in 2249. A vast retrofit and improvement program, the Brightwarrior Project brought on in the 2270's gave to these old warriors new impressive capabilities. More powerful engines and fusion reactors allowed a potent weapon load: eight hybrid antimatter beam/ion bolt heavy cannons (four bow mounted and four rear mounted), twelve twin ion turrets, with a power close to the ones of a Centauri Vorchan, a new sensor suite with gravimetric scanners and optical weapon trackers capable to lock on even against a Minbari stealth-equipped spacecraft. All the weapons are interceptor capable, and integrated in the new interceptor Mk3 defense grid.

The most impressive improvement was an add-on layer of Shadow derivated armour, that gives a superior resilience even against the most powerful threats. In this configuration, the Omega Epsilon is more than a match even for the dreaded Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser.

The model started as Warp Models' Omega Destroyer resin kit; scale: about 1/4000 (1730 meters = 430 millimeters).

The original kit has been modified with different weapons & various add on/custom parts. The side twin turrets are made of a resin cast+styrene sheet details for the turret. The bow main turrets are the original ones, slightly modified: the gun barrels are made of brass rod milled with the lathe. Even the engines are modified with a larger nozzle made of aluminium tube.

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