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Goauld Ribbon Device

By George J Daher

When I set out to build the Goauld Ribbon Device from Stargate SG-1, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I built this on a dare, and my friend was so amazed that he even commissioned me to build the Zat Gun prop.

The ribbon itself is cut from a brass door kick plate, and then is bent with a piece of PVC pipe at an angle to make the ribbon's shape. The main beam collimator disk is made from poly resin, as is most of the other pieces, including the ring transporter control at the back of the device, and the central red beam crystal-(which incidently is made from clear poly-resin with red pigment), the energy crystal on top with Apophis' jaffa seal, and the control fingertips. The fingertips are held in place with RCA speaker wire which are cut to fit the user's fingers. The brass surface had a protective layer of thin plastic to prevent it from oxidation. This later served as a spray blanket to keep the brass safe from over-spray to touch up the polyresin pieces when painted.

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