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By Guillermo D. Centeno

These pair of war beast figures (obviously inspired on the similar ones from "the Lord of the Rings" movie) are my last GDC Dreams special work, that a friend of mine ordered more than a month ago. Both figures are completely original sculpts, as you can see following the sequence of pictures. Their size is about 10 inches high to the top of the towers.

They are made basically of an inner structure of polyexpan spheres, wooden sticks, several external layers of epoxy putty, with electric wire and brochette wood skewers for the assault towers.

For their construction I used some screenshots from the trailer clip as well as some pictures published on the Internet as references; Despite the polyexpan spheres and wood sticks I used as the basic structure to reduce general weight, each actually weighs more than a pound (almost 500 grs), mainly due to their big size and the amount of epoxy resin used on their outer construction. It took me over a month to built and paint both oliphants. They are entirely painted in acrylic colors.

Image: One Oliphant with assault tower

Image: Another Oliphant with assault tower

Image: Two Oliphants

Image: Making an Oliphant: The head

Image: Making an Oliphant: The trunk

Image: Making an Oliphant: The ears

Image: Making an Oliphant: Oliphant parts

Image: Making an Oliphant: Coming together

Image: Making an Oliphant: Assembled Oliphants

Image: Making an Oliphant: Assault towers

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