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Firefly Class Freighter

By Ryan Friesen

This is a 1/288 Stargazer kit of the Serenity freighter from the television show Firefly.

I've worked on it for the last ten months, spent hundreds of hours on it, filling the resin air bubbles, correcting shapes, detailing the entire ship with plastic strip, tube, rod, and sheet, metal wire, and Squadron putty. The finish is part Metalizer, part Citadel metallics thinned with alcohol and sprayed through a single-action Aztec. Most of the surface is covered by custom-made decals copied from orthographic renderings found on the web, carefully sized, and printed onto Testors decal sheets via my inkjet.

Image: Forward port quarter

Image: Port side

Image: From aft

Image: Bridge

Image: Dorsal detail

Image: Cargo unit

Image: Engine pod

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