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TOS Redshirt

By John Marriott

Millenia models provide this 1:32 figure as a one-piece resin casting and I bought one via the Federation Models website. Only minimal clean-up and repair was needed, the main defect being an air bubble in the toe of one boot; this was easily filled using super-glue hardened with accelerator then sanded to shape.

Most of the work was in the painting, using a mixture of Tamiya and Citadel acrylics. Citadel Blood Red was found to be the ideal colour for the uniform shirt. Even the phaser and Tricorder were integral to the base, so I needed my headband magnifier and finest brush to pick them out (same for the Enterprise emblem on the uniform)! Careful drybrushing brought out the texture of the rocks and ground and also the burn on the poor man's chest.

Final landscaping was achieved through the use of static grass and old shaving brush bristles. The nameplate is cut from the model's packaging and mounted on gold card. The wooden base was custom carved by arrangement with a trader at a model show.

Image: From the front

Image: From the side

Image: Head shot

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