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Mars Excursion Rover

By John Geigle

This is a 1 to 1 scale model of the Mars excursion rover. It's made from styrene, resin and ABS plastics. Each wheel is a one piece resin casting with a water jet-cut steel hub. The frame is one inch steel rod sheathed in 1/8" styrene. We used 1" steel rod inside the legs for the support of the model. This project about 3 months to complete and will be on permenant display at the Virgina Air and Space Center in Hampton, Virginia. I know this is not a kit but thought everyone may enjoy it anyway. Maybe we can make a resin kit out of it.

Image: 'Deck'

Image: Shiny!

Image: Dedication

Image: Right front view

Image: Left front

Image: Left side

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