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X-Wing Fighter

By Andrew Thorne

This is my Studio scale X-Wing. It was my first studio scale model. The kit came from Mike Salzo, and what a kit it is. This is one kit that I'm glad I was fortunate enough to get.

The kit itself is resin and required hardly any clean up. I thought while I was building it I may as well light it. For this I chose the Hyperdyne labs Light kit which consists of a small circuit board and 16 LEDs. The engines have a red glowing lED and an orange flicker LED. R2 lights up via fibre optics, as does the cockpit.

Painting was done by first giving it a coat of white, then pre-shading with black. Next it was sprayed humrol grey. After that was left to dry overnight, I applied a wash of black enamel, then, once that had dried I gave it a rub down with very fine steel wool. The overall effect is incredible.

Image: Another view

Image: The cockpit

Image: The pilot

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